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Tackling stress at work

You get rid of stress linked to your work by coping with work pressure differently. Therefore, follow our tips. Personal guidance is possible.

Unfortunately, work stress does not go away by itself. If you experience stress complaints and you do nothing, complaints will get worse in the future.

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How often do you get annoyed by... never sometimes monthly weekly daily
How often do you get annoyed by...
my job content
flexibility pressure
relationship with the boss
relation with fellow workers
lack of security
bad material
bad communication
the management
the computer system
working hours
holliday planning
lack of feedback
lack of respect
too much/litte consultation
work life balance
travel time
work at home
physical complaints never sometimes monthly weekly daily
physical complaints
not recovering after workingday
constantly feeling tired
feeling tense
pain in muscles, neck, shoulders, headach
not sleeping at night
lowered immunity, frequent illnesses
heart complaints
stomach or intestinal complaints
bloodpressure problems (too low, too high)
skin problems or hair loss
apetite (not eating or eating too much)
Emotional responses never sometimes monthly weekly daily
Emotional responses
not getting a moment of peace
increased irritability
not enjoying work
loss of motivation
feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated
feeling insecure
lack of selfcofidence
being scared, in a panic
feeling guilty
cry easily
feeling of emptiness
cognitive complaints never sometimes monthly weekly daily
cognitive complaints
problems with concentration
black outs
not thinking clearly
making mistakes
processing info difficulties
being indecisive or taking decisions too quickly
not able to organise work
not able to be on time
withdrawing from responsibilities
Behavioral changes never sometimes monthly weekly daily
Behavioral changes
always in a hurry
extremely actif
isolating yourself from others
more smoking, drinking, alcohols, drugs
becoming a perfectionist
continuing work at home
difficulty with delegating work
not taking breaks
not saying no
not respecting own limits
not taking action
less productivity and poor performance
self neglecting
not respecting own limits